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A launch party is the perfect example of a product launch event - it gains exposure for the product (whether that is a new toy, a book, course or online business), and kickstarts the marketing strategy and campaign for the future. It aims to make as large an impact as possible and generate sales.

Providing experiences with impact

Putting on a launch event requires timely planning, creative thinking and excellent delivery, and it's hard to over-estimate how important this initial event can be.

For many product launches, the kickoff event can help to determine how successful a product is going forward; a bad one can give the wrong impression and damage the reputation of the product before it gets out of the door. Our experience in putting on product launch events are crucial in ensuring that the event goes smoothly and the guests are left with the right impression.

Audience matters

What excites us about launch events is the fact the audience matter more than ever. The experience you provide, the impact you make, the messages you communicate have consequences. The audience has influence; they may be existing clients or customers, industry experts, innovators and press, therefore what they say about your event, your product, matters.

In our planning for a product launch, we seek to ensure that the guests at an event enjoy a positive experience - this reflects in their perception of the product, ensuring a sucessful launch.

Content helps an event go further

We know from experience that a product launch presents many opportunities to generate exclusive, original, one off pieces of content which can be used to raise awareness of your brand.

They provide the perfect opportunity to capture key messages, commentary and reaction. From speeches, demonstrations, interviews, Q&A, industry insights to sound bites, the product launch offers so much more than just the live experience. With careful planning and scheduled production, it can deliver a number of key content pieces from filmed, photographic and written content.

Packaged in a way that is easily presented and accessible to a target audience, this unique content has the potential to feed your future marketing and communication strategy.

How can we help?

By getting under the hood of your story, the audience and your vision for your product, we can provide you with a creative and engaging launch event that sets the wheels firmly in motion for your future marketing. We can work on any scale - from small, intimate dinners to globally-coordinated parties with celebrity endorsements.

Get in touch with us now so that we can start discussing your brief and help you create a stunning start to your new campaign.

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