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9 key elements that make a great event “great”

by Sarah Halfpenny

So much goes into creating and delivering any event its difficult to know what elements are the key to creating a great event.

I have pulled together what I believe are the 9 key elements that makes a great event “great”.

1. Have a clear understanding and set clear objectives to what it is you want to achieve, The What, When, Where, Why and Who.
2. Select the correct event format to enable you to deliver your objectives.
Deciding on your event style will depend on the aims and objectives of your event. It is good practice to set an event format. This provides structure to the session, a template to invite speakers and allows for effective marketing.
3. Budget! An event budget is an essential way to map out all the areas of income and expenditure. The budget will ensure that the event is viable to organise and execute.
4. Select the right venue – the venue can play a very important part in holding a successful event, get it right and you will be on your way to delivering a great event.
5. Shape your Programme – do your research and select presenters, speakers, musicians and entertainment to reflect the objectives and needs of the audience.
6. Create a marketing plan, don’t leave it to chance! Ensure your event literature both on and offline clearly states the headline event details, what the event is about, who should attend and what the benefits of attending are.
7. Manage Event Delegate process – ensure there is a clear call to action when promoting the event and provide a seamless registration process ensuring each delegate receives notification of place and joining instructions.
8. Deliver the event with the delegate experience in mind – after all the hard work planning and organising an event, it is important that the delivery on the day is also well planned and organised to ensure the delegate gets the best experience.
9. Provide value added content both before and after the event – creating an event review, blog, capturing photos, interviews and testimonials both through video and text will help promote the event to additional audiences.

Following these key elements throughout your planning should ensure that your event delivers your objectives, is produced on budget, receives positive feedback and has a legacy through content.

If you want to know more then check out my event training section which expands on these themes.