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Business Awards – Opportunities and benefits of getting involved.

by Sarah Halfpenny

Reward and recognition events seem to be dominating the event scene. There are Awards spanning every sector, size and scale of business. For all levels of seniority, expertise and experience.

Award events are only successful though if there are businesses and individuals prepared to apply. They need to be willing to share their projects, their achievements and their business models. To be open to feedback, scrutiny, praise and acknowledgement.

Increasingly, with so many competing Business Awards, People are doing their research and only applying for the Awards that they feel will make a positive impact to them. The benefits of applying and being part of the Awards process therefore needs to be clear and compelling from the outset.

So, in this blog I wanted to outline the opportunities that applying for a Business Award can bring and the benefits it can have on both an individual and business.

Opportunity to Review
Awards offer both business and individuals the opportunity to appraise and review their business, successes and acknowledge talent. Through the application process alone, it provides a unique opportunity to tell others, often experienced members of their professional community, details of projects and developments worthy of acknowledgment.

Opportunity to Acknowledge Talent
Looking in-house, Award’s also help boost moral by acknowledging great work and talent. They provide a platform for individuals to celebrate their own success and be recognised and rewarded for their contribution.

Opportunity to Promote
Whether a shortlist or win, an Award acknowledgment can undoubtedly provide some fantastic PR. From Social media announcements and acknowledgments, articles highlighting your good news stories to a badge of certification. It’s a great way to enhance your profile and promote your business to existing and new audiences.

Opportunity to Network
The Awards Event itself opens up a unique opportunity to meet others within the same industry, location or peer group. It opens up opportunities to meet the experts, judges and category finalists whilst also providing the opportunity to share best practice and make new connections.

For many businesses, entering Business Awards have become an intrical part of their communication strategy. The trick is to find the most relevant Business Award to you and your business. Ensure the categories allow you to showcase the very best of what you do, and that they provide you with the associated opportunities outlined above.