Sarah Halfpenny Events

Promoting the unique

by Sarah Halfpenny

Coming up with your event idea and objective is the relatively easy bit; articulating why a potential delegate would want to attend is another!

In most event marketing collateral there are the obvious and generic reasons anyone would attend an event; it provides delegates with the opportunity to hear about the latest products, services and technologies. It also provides delegates with the opportunity to hear from leading experts in the field and is the perfect opportunity for delegates to network with other industry professionals, peers and prospects.

These are all very valid and valuable reasons why anyone would wish to attend an event but they may not convert your target audience to become actual delegates. It’s vital that you sell the benefits of what’s unique about your event to pitch it above your competitors. You need to think about the ‘what’s in it for me’, put yourself in the shoes of the delegate and try to understand what’s going to get them to sign up.

Below are just a couple of examples of how you can highlight the unique elements of your event:

1. If you are running an event where you have speakers presenting on a topic, piece of research or product etc. then establish if the content is new. If the content has never seen before and not yet in the public domain you automatically have your hook. Delegates must attend to hear this exclusive presentation, hear first-hand the new research not yet published, Get ahead and be part of the inaugural speech.

2. If you have a networking element to your event, you could facilitate this networking by pro-actively assisting delegates to connect with the right people. You could provide a speaker area that facilitates delegates to gain exclusive access to these leading professionals, to allow conversations to happen and to trade business cards. This immediately elevates the experience from a networking session to a managed meeting facility. Your marketing text could then read something like get exclusive access to leading professionals within you’re filed of expertise through our managed meeting facility. This will most definitely add value to your event and will certainly be a driver for some delegates to attend.

3. Be confident with the words you use when promoting the benefits of attending but also be honest, manage the expectation of the delegates and never elevate it to a level that will be unachievable.