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4 steps to finding the perfect event sponsor – A one minute read!

by Sarah Halfpenny

There is no getting away from the fact, that hosting an event costs money. For those who have event budget, sponsorship is sought to uplift the event experience and to add value. For others however, gaining an event sponsor is crucial to its delivery and success.

Seeking the right event sponsor takes time and time can easily be wasted if there isn’t a clear strategy to finding the most viable event partners. My strategy is simple, a 4 step approach based on research and networking. Done in conjunction, it helps to generate that all important shortlist of potential event sponsors, who can be approached with confidence.

In short, my 4 steps to finding the perfect event sponsors are:

1) Creating a Sponsorship Brief. This is not to be confused with a final Sponsorship Package. The brief should be an exploration of the different business characteristics and personas you are seeking. Gaining an insight into a company’s services, products, vision, values, company size and their audience are all valuable here.

2) Network with your desired audience. Just talk to lots of people, remembering each person has a personal network of connections you could tap into.

3) Based on your Sponsorship Brief, you can create and priorities your shortlist of company’s who could be approached. Don’t make the list too long, 5 to start with is fine.

4) Talk to your business connections about what type of companies you are seeking to sponsor. Ask for their ideas and recommendations. If appropriate, don’t be shy to ask your community to help connect you. A personal introduction goes a long way and often fast tracks you to the decision makers!