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Event Management Mentoring | Career development driven by you.

by Sarah Halfpenny

At Sarah Halfpenny Events, we offer specific and skills focused mentoring within the field of event management.

We believe mentoring provides a great alternative to formal training. We offer our experience within the field of event management to help others develop their career, skills and expertise through bespoke one-to-one mentoring sessions.

Over the years, our approach has been developed and shaped by the people we have mentored. We have come to understand that everyone has a unique set of knowledge and experience. We embrace the fact that different people learn in different ways and a classroom isn’t always the best environment. We also understand, because we are event managers ourselves, that often your personal development needs are placed at the back of the que behind the events and teams you are managing and developing.

Our mentoring service has therefore been designed to offer a flexible, cost effective and truly bespoke approach to an individual’s learning and development needs.

We provide one-two-one sessions in a location and at a time that suits you. We can meet day or night, weekdays or weekends as we know how hard it is to carve out that little bit of me time, that time to think, reflect and plan for your future.

Our sessions are a mix of practical advice, guidance and support. We offer our experience to enhance your knowledge, encourage ideas and allow for discussion. The topics covered in every session are driven by your personal training and development needs. You write the questions you want the answers to, you pose the scenario and we can tackle it together. Above all, we provide a trusted and nurturing environment which empowers decision making and helps to establish direction.

For us, mentoring is an incredibly effective way to assist an individual’s career progression, skills development and expertise. We have first-hand witnessed the positive impact mentoring has had on helping people to unlock their potential, gain knowledge and develop their thinking.

Don’t just take it from us, here’s what a couple of our mentees have to say about their experience…

“Thank you for helping me to understand a little more of the world of Event Management. I now feel able and confident to enter the industry in a role that will suit my skills and interest”

“Sarah really takes the time to listen, understand the challenge and offers sensible, practical suggestions and solutions”

Whether you are an experienced event manager or looking to start a career within the events industry, mentoring with us can provide a FAST TRACK and BESPOKE solution to plugging your individual skills and knowledge gaps.

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