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Content should not be an afterthought

by Sarah Halfpenny

It wasn’t that long ago that events would be produced with little or no thought about what content could be captured and how that could be targeted to the correct audience post event.

Recently I have seen a real emphasis on the production of good quality targeted content, not just content that tells a story of the event but content that starts to build on the story, gaining reaction and commentary on a topic, product, service, even opinions and perspectives.

Post event content is a great way to drive traffic to your website, position your brand and connect with your existing and potential audience, clients and prospects.

Event content should not be an afterthought. It should be discussed with all stakeholders at the design phase and have a clear connection to the desired objectives to enhance the story you are telling.

Here are 4 simple steps to planning your post event content:

1. Discuss and draft a plan of the desired content you wish to gather. This may not be exact but it’s good to start to think about the topics you wish to cover, your angle, possible content providers

2. Plan how this content may be captured and presented. For example, for written content you could consider an event review, blog, start a discussion or pose a question, produce a formal briefing document or case study. If you would like to capture more dynamic content perhaps think about filming your speaker’s presentations, conduct interviews and/or capture a product demonstration.

3. Plan where this content will be featured. Place the content where your audience are or lurk! You may even need to partner with a trade magazine or website to ensure your content is published in the right places

4. Plan how this content will be marketed. There is little point capturing great content and then not telling people about it! Utilise existing marketing channels available to you, post on social media channels, tweet about it, share, like and create a buzz.

In this digital world don’t forget about hard copy content, this is in fact now becoming a novelty so can produce an impact!
Successful event content provides the target audience with a unique insight, enhanced knowledge, information, guidance, thought leaderships and opinions on their chosen topic, field of expertise, product or service. The aim is to package this content in a way that will be easily presented and accessible to the target audience. Do it right and you will see the benefit.