Sarah Halfpenny Events

The complete event strategy and management course: From concept to completion and everything in between!

by Sarah Halfpenny

Over the past few weeks I have been developing a new and exciting 3-day event strategy and management course. Linking up with DRM Business Training and Consultancy, we will be taking attendees through the event management lifecycle from event concept to event completion and everything in between.

The course has been specially designed for those who are responsible for the creation and performance of events within their business and those who currently manage an events team or are aspiring to in the future.

We all know that producing a successful event takes time, significant planning, management and a skilled workforce. This course will therefore look in detail, and take the journey from the initial event concept stage, through the process of defining clear objectives, understanding the benefits of attending, to designing the correct event format. It will also delve into the topics of event content production opportunities, event marketing tactics and stakeholder and delegate management.

Additionally, this course will explore the best ways to build an efficient event project plan, setting time scales and roles and responsibilities and review how to build and control an event budget.

We shall examine the realities of ‘event day’, considering event logistics, risk assessments through to event delivery. Lastly, and by no means least, we shall explore how you can build, support and lead an effective events team to deliver the best results.

This comprehensive course has clear benefits for those attending. Not only will it provide delegates with a clear understanding of how to create a clear and meaningful event strategy. But it will also ensure each delegate leaves with knowledge of the event project management processes and techniques which can be applied. Importantly though it will help cerement management techniques and approaches to ensure that those undertaking the planning, management and delivery of an event are directed appropriately, motivated and above all happy.

To take a look at the full course outline please visit or contact me direct to have a chat through the course in more detail.